Submissions instructions


Please attach/include all files in the body of your email. Your files should be of emailable size. We do not accept links to YouTube, websites, etc. for file submission. You are welcome to include links to your website, YouTube channel, social media, etc. in your email signature only.

You can share a LINK to a Dropbox folder with all files in one place, but only in addition to attaching the three requested files to your email. Please do not use Google Drive or SHARE a Dropbox FOLDER. If there are other reels or video files you'd like us to consider, please put the actual files into your Dropbox folder and share the LINK to the folder only.

Please include a short cover letter and introduction in the body of your email, including how you were referred, along with an email signature including your direct contact phone number that will support iMessage/SMS, email address, and any other pertinent links to your website, YouTube channel, IMDb.

If you are represented by any agent (TV, Theatrical, VO, etc.), please include their full contact information in the body of the email AND on your resume, and copy them on the email.

Bonus information: (just copy this list and type in your answers, include in the body of your email...)

• How many languages do you speak? Which is your native language?
• Do you primarily play an instrument or do you primarily sing?
• How many instruments do you play, and at what level?
• If you primarily play an instrument, do you feel comfortable singing in a small ensemble as a support vocalist?
(Because we don't call them background drummers, we don't like to use the term background vocalists as much anymore...)
• Rate your sight reading on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being perfect, 1 being "I can't read music"
• Does your sight reading skill differ between instrumental work and vocal work?
• What is your union status? (This should be listed at the top of your résumé also)
• What city and state do you live in now?
• Where are you originally from?
• What is your favorite color?
• Do you have perfect pitch? If not, how's your relative pitch these days?
• Do you compose original material or write vocal/instrumental arrangements/orchestrations?
• Do you currently sing with a choir?
• Do you currently have a church job?
• Do you have a pet?
• Do you have reliable transportation?
• Do you have local housing? In which city? Do you have additional local housing in another city?
• Do you have any contemporary a cappella experience?
• Did you sing in an a cappella group in college?
• Do you have a degree? Or many degrees? From where and in what? If you didn't finish your degree, where did you study?
• Do you currently study music (voice or instrument)? With whom?
• Have you previously studied voice or an instrument? With whom?
• Do you play or sing in a band currently? Or several bands?
• Are you currently in an a cappella group?
• Have you ever been a professional caroler? If so, for which company?